ben lundberg versatile senior sales director

Ben Lundberg

Learn. Lead. Laugh.... let's go!

Greetings! I'm Ben.... a Bible believer, husband, father x 3 and a connector.Most of my childhoold I was raised in the country but after 10+ years of living in the great city of Chicago, I love the opportunities to learn from ~6MM people, travel frequently, give back and watch Chicago sports teams continue to loose....I geek out on data science and digital marketing services while seeking to understand the human physcology of what drives people to engage with a brand and/or make a purchase.When I'm not working, hanging out with my amazing wife or ubering my kiddos to various events..... you'll find me on the basketball court, at the gym, fishing or hanging on for dear life on one of my bikes.Blessing and battles come at us daily but it's our faith foundation and help from others that gets us through everything. You are never alone.I'm always open for networking and making new connections.... hit me up via a social channel or e-mail link below.Ben

Favorite Quotes From Others:

"Trust is earned in drips and lost in buckets""Your energy is money to your employer and life to you""Comfort creates complacency""Proximity creates passion, distance creates distortion""It's ok not to be ok" but "Isolation is the liar""Don't get bitter, get better""Congratulations on the best promotion you will ever receive... "Dad""God does not intend to meet our expectations, but He meets our needs""Love God and love people"